Tomato Basil Toast

Quick bites rule! This post isn’t so much a recipe as a very adaptable method. It’s the new avocado toast, no cooking required. Simply smash your overripe tomatoes, spread them on the toasted bread of your choice, salt and pepper to taste and feed your belly! 

I used the last of a batch of cherry tomatoes I roasted last week for this morning’s breakfast. If you’re counting points, this toast only costs 3 SP. 


1. Warm roasted or overripe tomatoes 10-15 seconds in the microwave. Smash and season with salt and pepper or anything else your heart desires. Hot sauce anyone? 

2. Top toasted bread with spicy cheese spread-optional. I used spicy pepper jack laughing cow. 

3. Top with fresh torn basil.

4. Munch and Crunch!


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