Watermelon Slushy

If you’ve caught my recent blogs, you know I’m happily overwhelmed with watermelon! There are harder things to use for Round 2 Recipes. So far, this hasn’t been the case for this yummy sweet red-fleshed fruit. Hey, gotta get my guilt-free fill before this juicy melon’s prime time comes to an end. Right?

This Round 2 Recipe is another of my methods, rather than a follow to the letter recipe. I’m a super-fan of tweaking recipes to suit my tastes and whatever I may have on hand. I encourage you to do the same. Make it your own!

This slushy is for adults. If you’re making it for kids or just before a nonalcoholic version, use juice or soda instead of wine/spirits.

Peace & Java

Prep Time: 10 min            Cook Time: 0 min     Difficulty: Easy Peasy      Servings: 1       Serving Size: 1 cup            SP: 7


3/4  Boozy Watermelon Sorbet, slightly thawed

about 1/2 cup  of Proseco, wine of your choice, or a shot or watermelon vodka

spoon or straw or both

Scoop sorbet into glass, fill with Proseco. Stir to remove and lumps. Eat with a spoon or slurp with a straw.

Notes, Tips & Tricks: This cool slushy works with any sorbet, homemade or store-bought. Try lemon, lime, coconut or cherry!

Experiment with your fave wine or spirit. Just don’t eat, drink and drive my friends. 😊✌🏾️

Sub lemon lime soda, ginger ale or fruit punch for a nonalcoholic slushy.


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