Salmon Melt

Who doesn’t like having a super quick dinner or lunch after a busy day? Well, if you make a batch of my Salmon Salad on the weekend, you can have a fast cheesy toasty meal ready in no time. This Round 2 Recipe (R2R) is a fave go to for the days when I just want it now, tasty and super simple. Add a salad, or fries and it’s time to eat my friends! Go ahead, get your omega 3s and protein on.

Peace and Java

Prep Time: 5 min                      Cook Time: 10 -12 min                       Total Time: 20 min

Difficulty:  Easy Peasy            Servings: 1 Sammy                                Serving Size: 1 Sammy 

Yield: 1 yummy for my tummy Sammy!    



2 slices whole wheat bread

1/2 cup Salmon Salad 

1 -2 teaspoons Spicy mustard

2 slices or shredded reduced fat Pepperjack or Colby cheese

2 teaspoons reduced fat mayo



Spread the mayo on each slice of bread.  Top once slice of bread with spicy mustard anda 1 slice of cheese, salmon salad and another slice of cheese Top the sammy with the second slice of bread and toast until golden brown. Slice the sammich and enjoy with an arugula salad.


NOTES, TIPS & TRICKS: To make this sammy  super fast, make the salmon salad ahead of time. 


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