Cold Brewed Java

I LOVE Coffee and most coffee flavored things, candy, ice-cream and liqueur. I like it hot and cold and super bold. I drink it in the rain. I never pour it dwn the drain. Once summer rolls around, I often find the warm humid mornings too much for a hot beverage. That’s when I turn to iced coffee. Cool, refreshing and a little creamy mixed with cashew or almond milk and a splash of sugar-free syrup. What a way to begin any day, caffeine and rich-brewed flavor.

Sundays are my fundays….to quote the Bangles: my I don’t have to run days. Sundays scream for my Lazy Sunday Special-coffee treat. A shot or so, of my fave liqueur or brandy added to my cold brew and a dollop of whipped cream. Oh yeah, oh yum. One of the best ways I know to chillax and savor the day.

Peace & Java

Prep Time: 5 min                     Cook Time: 0 min              Total Time: 12 hours – overnight

Difficulty: Easy Peasy             Servings: 4                            Serving Size: 1 cup                   

Yield: 4 cups                              SP: 0


2 cups ground coffee

4 cups water



1.Combine ground coffee and water in a pitcher and stir. Place mixture in the fridge 12 hours ot overnight.

2. Strain cold brew and enjoy chilled plain or with milk or cream and your sweetener of choice.

NOTES, TIPS & TRICKS: To keep your cold brew beverage from getting watered down, make coffee ice cubes to keep your java fully flavored til the last sip.

Flavor your cold brew: add a cinnamon stick or vanilla bean.


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